ODS 09

Through our oil operator AXOIL, we collaborate with UPI (Independent Power Sector Operators). We hold the position of Vice-President of the organisation.
We work every day to defend the interests of our members and our clients.
Following the report published by the CNMC (the Spanish National Markets and Competition Commission), we have consolidated our position as the number-one main independent fuel operator in Spain.

We at the Nieves Group are also members of AEBALL (the Business Association and Metallurgical Employers' Union of L'Hospitalet and Baix Llobregat). The Metallurgical Employers' Union of L'Hospitalet and Baix Llobregat is a non-profit organisation founded in 1976 in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. It is a business organisation that represents, manages, defends, coordinates and promotes the professional interests of companies conducting economic activities of a metallurgical nature in various sectors — industrial, commercial and services — within the territorial scope of L'Hospitalet and Baix Llobregat, a territory experiencing constant economic and social growth.