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NIEVES Energía and the Ronald McDonald Barcelona Foundation, working together in their fight to give a home to those in need of paediatric treatment.
The Ronald McDonald Barcelona Foundation, in charge of giving a home to those families who have come to Catalonia in search of treatment only available here. For this reason, NIEVES Energía will contribute with a photovoltaic installation at its premises in Barcelona. With this, the foundation will achieve annual savings of approximately €4,500. This union will help them to focus more on their work, saving electricity through renewable energies.
Nieves Energía and the Ronald McDonald Foundation join forces in their fight for the most disadvantaged.
Imagine, just for a moment, that your child is diagnosed with an illness, and you are sent to a hospital far away from your city... Where would you live, how much would it cost?
With this premise, the Ronald McDonald House was founded in Barcelona, the first of its kind in Spain. This was the first house built by the Foundation within the Catalan community.
Nieves Energía are proud to be a family concerned not only with energy, but also with people who are progressing in a shared direction.

Therefore, together with Ronald McDonald, they want to offer families who are sent to our hospital for medical reasons the opportunity to grow and become part of a family, rather than a foundation.
For this purpose, Nieves Energía will supply this foster home, completely free of charge, through an installation of 12 photovoltaic panels (between 7 and 10 kWh), saving more than €4,000 in electricity per year as they transition to self-supply.
This saving means that the photovoltaic installation will cover up to 70% of their annual electricity bill. In addition, they will gain greater control over their electricity costs.
The General Manager of the Nieves Group, Luis Domingo Nieves, said that with this project "We are enthusiastic about the idea of being able to guarantee clean energy and substantial savings to a foundation that struggles every day to give a chance to those most in need of paediatric medical treatment".

Mari Carmen Toledo, Manager of the Ronald McDonald House Barcelona, has also indicated that "for the Ronald McDonald House in Barcelona, the installation of photovoltaic panels means considerable savings and a clear improvement in its sustainability. These savings allow us to invest in other needs that benefit the well-being of our families.”
Through this solidarity action, they will ensure that all those who need special paediatric treatment can continue to fight and think only about their recovery. They will thereby contribute to the energy efficiency of this charming establishment, so that they can be independent and worry about nothing beyond their fantastic work.

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We also participate with Mulla't and FEM, an organization that fights against multiple sclerosis.

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